It’s National Small Business Week, and we’re celebrating the achievements of our nation’s entrepreneurial heroes! Follow along as we feature some standout small business owners, like Greg Golden from Mustache Pretzels, who are pursuing their dreams and making an impact in their communities.

Keitha Dendy’s life changed when she was blessed with beautiful twin babies. This busy mom found tranquility in the chaos of raising twins through crafting and wanted to help other moms and home décor lovers relax through crafting as well. So, she started Home Made Luxe.

Home Made Luxe is a monthly subscription box business that provides subscribers with everything they need to create a gorgeous home décor project delivered right to their doorstep. Subscribers can choose from a variety of projects each month based on their style and preference. Kind of like Pinterest, but with all of the supplies packaged up and sent to your door for you to nail the project.

While Keitha’s business is thriving, she finds it invaluable to attend training and education events to help her continue growing as an entrepreneur. Last week, Keitha, along with other 2017 American Small Business Championship winners, traveled to a training event in Dallas hosted by SCORE and sponsored by Sam’s Club, where they learned tips, tricks and tools of the trade to help boost their businesses. We caught up with Keitha while she was at the training event to see how things were going.

Q: We’re glad that you had safe travels this week! Tell us a little bit about what you learned at the SCORE training event.

A: I was blown away by the amazing speakers in Dallas. I learned so many practical tips and tricks from SCORE mentors and leadership that I can apply directly to Home Made Luxe, like how to effectively communicate with customers and how to pitch our story to media.

Q: ASBC winners from all over the country were in attendance. In addition to the SCORE experts, did you learn anything from the other small business owners?

A: That I’m not alone! Being a small business owner can sometimes feel so lonely, so it was great to engage with other businesses that are on the similar journeys. Although we all come from different industries, we share the same challenges and difficulties.

Q: Yes, knowing that there are others who can relate to what you’re going through must be a good feeling. It sounds like there was a lot of great content and speakers, but what would you say is your biggest takeaway from the trainings?

A: Remembering to enjoy every stage of our entrepreneurial journey. Giselle Chapman, Chief Performance Optimizer, told us, “happiness starts in the present.” Owning a small business has so many ups and down and bumps along the way, but there is nothing that makes me happier than being able to do what I love every day.

Q: That’s wonderful advice. Last question, if you could give a younger version of yourself some advice, what would it be?

A: When you find your passion, put everything you have behind it. The money will always come when you’re doing something that you love, and there’s never going to be that perfect time to do it so just go for your dreams.

Stay tuned all this week as we celebrate National Small Business Week with inspiring small business owners! Next up: One small business owner gets creative in the kitchen, and another puts a new “spin” on bike gear!