Four lessons learned from Mom that will help find her the perfect Mother’s Day present.

Nothing like last minute shopping for Mother’s Day, but there’s no need to fear failing Mom because we’re going to take the shopping lessons she taught you to pick the perfect gift, and she’ll never know she raised a procrastinator!

How many times did you go shopping with your mom as a kid? 100? 200? 10 to the billionth power? Maybe going in and out of dressing rooms or walking around the mall actually did some good, other than working off whatever you ate at the center court café. Something tells me you picked up a few good shopping tips from mom that will forever be with you.

So what did you learn from shopping with mom that you can apply while shopping for mom?

Lesson #1: Sometimes it’s good to splurge, especially on something shiny … As long as you are getting your money’s worth!

Sam’s Club has incredible jewelry pieces that are worth every penny, and then some. Yes, it’s a little too late to order online, but it’s not too late to check out your nearest Sam’s Club location.

Lesson #2: Buy what’s in season.

Showing up at mom’s house with a bouquet of flowers is always a great idea. We have plenty of gorgeous floral arrangements at your local Sam’s Club. Did you know that we sell more flowers for Mother’s Day than we do for Valentine’s Day? As our floral buyer Spencer Beck explains, “Not everyone has found a partner, but most everyone has a mother.”

Lesson #3: Buy something for someone they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

So what about the mom who loves technology? Here’s an idea most moms would not expect to find as a gift on their special day. AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi System is a much better way to upgrade your Wi-Fi. If you’re tired of dead spots, this is the perfect solution to maximize coverage, provide faster speeds and control who can get on your network even if they have the password. For example, if a teenager is grounded, the mom can turn off Wi-Fi access for one specific user in the household. Honestly this sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day present for the mom who wants to control who and when can have access to Wi-Fi. Don’t hate us if your mom disconnects you from Instagram after midnight:)

Lesson #4: Buy quality products you can keep for years to come when they are on sale!

You can find hundreds of brands you and your mom know and trust at Sam’s Club like Kitchen Aid, Canon, and Serta to name a few. Stop in and see us this Saturday, May 13, at our one-day-only Summer Savings Event.

So now that you remember the shopping rules mom taught you, put them to good use and make her proud as we follow her lead to find the perfect gift!