Call Gladys. We found the beef.

Some of you may be too young to remember this but back in the day there was a famous TV commercial from Wendy’s starring a memorable character named Gladys who posed the question, “Where’s the Beef?”

If Gladys were still around today, we would personally invite her to Sam’s Club so we could introduce her to a beef of mammoth proportion - our Member’s Mark Cowboy Ribeye Steak. At just $7.98 a pound the average cowboy steak costs less than $25 and typically feeds two to four people.

Some say it looks like a badminton racquet. Others just call it huge or gigantic. Our meat merchants like to joke that it’s bigger than their boss’s face.

But what is the story behind this grill-crowding crowd pleaser? We caught up with our beef buyer for some food for thought.

“To reach cowboy status, a steak has to make the cut,” explains Steve Gile, Beef Buyer for Sam’s Club. “Not your average beef will measure up.”

A cowboy steak is defined as a bone-in ribeye about two inches thick with a bone about five to six inches long and weighs about three pounds or 48 ounces or more.

Sam’s Club first introduced the cowboy ribeye a couple years ago as part of test to see if members would buy into the idea of a steak this size. Well it turns out, the response was phenomenal. So much in fact, the company rolled out these extra-large cattle cuts to all clubs just in time for Labor Day weekend last year.

“At Sam’s Club, we serve as a supply chain for many restaurant owners who buy these by the case,” adds Gile. “But we also see a lot of members shop for cowboy steaks to serve their family and friends. It’s definitely a ‘wow’ item for us and a conversation starter whether it’s at a niche restaurant in Chicago or a backyard grill-out in Texas.”

Research from WalletHub shows 75% of Americans will be firing up the grill and hosting backyard get-togethers this Memorial Day weekend.

If you don’t have the appetite for a steak that size, Steve shares with us the Top Five List of Most Popular Steaks among Sam’s Club Members:

“What makes our steaks at Sam’s Club stand out is the quality,” says Gile. “All of our steaks are from U.S. Angus cattle and U.S.D.A Choice with superior marbling for great flavor and tenderness.”

So what’s the best way to prepare a mouthwatering steak? Steve recommends heating up the grill to about 400 degrees. For those who want a well done steak, the steak temperature should reach 145 degrees. For Steve, he prefers his steak medium rare. Regardless of how you like your steak, the one thing we can all agree on is Sam’s Club is your one stop destination for all your grilling needs no matter what size the crowd or appetite!

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