Take a second and think about what you have in common with your dad. Is it the same chin, the love for baseball or maybe an insatiable hankering for chocolate ice cream? This father and son have a few things in common too.

Raul Taura aka Dad, began his career in Cuba and worked as a teacher for more than 20 years and the minute you hear him speak, you know he was a good one. You hear passion and kindness in his voice and can only imagine what it would have been like to be a student in his class. Raul and his family moved to the states in 2005 and are now living in the Miami area. He was recruited to Sam’s Club more than a decade ago by his son, also named Raul, and works in the meat department at the Sam’s Club in Naples. These two share more than the same blood and same name on a Sam’s Club badge. They are both clearly a fan of each other and our members.

Raul’s son started his career with Sam’s Club almost 12 years ago and serves our members as a co-manager of the Miami club on 8425 N.W. 13th Terrace. He has been promoted many times and now has his eye on having his own club. When asked about his dad he said, “He taught me very important lessons: trust in yourself and in God. He pushed me to always look to better myself, but the biggest lesson I learned from him was work ethic.”

Raul noted he is planning to celebrate his father this weekend by firing up the grill, bringing families together, playing dominos and cranking up music to dance and laugh. Laughing and making others happy is clearly a priority for this family. Raul’s father is quick to call out that he loves working with his team, “feels good” about his job and loves finding solutions for our members.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads that taught us great life lessons, encouraged us to always do better and showed us the importance of making others feel good.