A recent study shows that the U.S. Beer Industry contributes $350 billion to the economy and creates more than two million jobs…and mine is one of them. I am the Beer Buyer at Sam’s Club and yes, it is as cool as it sounds, but no, I don’t sit around and drink all day.

With Fourth of July celebrations right around the corner, we know it is time to swing through a Sam’s Club for a cold one, or two, or more. According to the Brewers Association, more than 5,200 breweries are operating in the U.S., so deciding which brand or type of beer can be more difficult than solving a differential equation, but I’ve got you covered! First, because we don’t have shelf space to devote to 99 bottles of different beer on our wall, we choose the best options to simplify it for you and give you a good start on narrowing down the options so you can make the best decision.

Here are the top 4 things to consider when you are buying beer for the upcoming holiday:

1. Plan for your crowd: Are they low cal drinkers and likely to pick up a Mich Ultra, lean more toward the basics like Bud Light or would they appreciate an import such as Corona? Ensure you are throughful and have a variety for everyone.

2. Determine how cool you want to be: That is the real question. Craft beers continue to be very popular and have very distinctive tastes. We’ve worked hard to identify the best in your area to put on our shelves, so give the local guys and gals a shot. Not sure what type? An IPA (India Pale Ale) is the #1 type of craft beer, so by chosing that style you have a better chance of picking a winner. If you are still not sure which one to chose find a flavor profile you like. Look for words like fruity, bitter, crisp, clean, chocolate, etc. and go with your gut.

3. Pack Size: When buying beer and comparing prices, it is not always apples to apples, so pay attention. Feel safe when getting it at Sam’s Club as we constantly work to give you an incredible value. It is literally my job.

4. Consider what activities you will be doing: If you are on a lake or outdoors, cans will be your best bet as many laws prohibit glass bottles in certain places.

We look forward to celebrating our independence by spending time with friends and family in the next few days. We know enjoying a good beverage is a great way to enjoy the holiday and we hope this quick guide helps you pick the perfect brew for your celebration. I wish y’all a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

- Morgan

Alcoholic beverages are not available in all clubs, and the types and brands of alcoholic beverages may vary. Sam’s West, Inc., Bentonville, AR