What could you do with an extra $9,000 a year? Buy a boat, payoff a car, travel abroad? That is exactly the amount of cash Mr. and Mrs. Hicks saved by switching from a competitor to Sam’s Club and using their Plus Membership. Our Prescription Savings Program is no joke, but clearly puts a smile on our members’ faces (and ours too).

How did they do it? They spent a few minutes reviewing their medications with their local pharmacist and on day one saved $778. Cha-Ching!

It is easy to learn how much a Plus Membership can save you or a loved one. Just stop by a Sam’s Club location with a pharmacy, you don’t even need an appointment, and bring a list of your medications. Our pharmacists can review and help identify potential cost savings. Many patients easily pay for their membership through their prescription savings alone.

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Many of our pharmacy patients with a Plus Membership, who are not using any insurance benefit for their purchase, take advantage of our Plus Membership
pharmacy pricing. In most states, this includes several free drugs. In all states, these Plus Members have access to a list of reduced price drugs on drugs
listed on our Extra Value Drug List.

More details for this Plus Membership program and the corresponding drug prices can be found at here.