Imagine you are a mom of five children, helping one child manage Type 1 diabetes, a CEO of a fresh, organic fast food company serving more than 1,000 guests a day, you are in the midst of opening two more locations and your husband travels for work, oh and he is a former NBA player. Whew! That’s a lot to manage to say the least, but Shannon Allen is doing it all, and with a smile on her face. This woman has it figured out.

As CEO of her home and of an organic certified quick serve restaurant, Shannon will quickly tell you she relies on both Sam’s Club and Walmart to make sure that all of her responsibilities are met, and she is saving money for both her family, her business and in turn her customers.

Our goal at Sam’s Club is to help members find great values on high quality products they can be proud to serve to their family and customers. We hope you enjoy this video with Shannon as she shares how it all comes together.