Weird, I know, but I love “talking trash.” It’s literally my job.

I am a Senior Buyer and one of my most recent projects was to enhance our Member’s Mark Tall Kitchen Bags. Invigorating, you say? Well, actually it is! Think about it. The trash bag is something we all use in our homes. It’s not the most glamorous chore and in years past, when it fails you have an even bigger chore on your hands. You then have to clean up the mess and put it, well, in another trash bag.

So I set out to make what should be a simple chore easier. Introducing the high-tech trash bag!

Although it doesn’t have voice command, yet, it is beating the industry standards by a mile.

And that’s exactly what we are doing at Sam’s Club; developing best-in-class Member’s Mark products that can easily compete with or beat their national brand counterpart. This year we are introducing 300 new or improved Member’s Mark products and plan to do the same next year.

I’d say the time, research, and industry leading quality that went into the Member’s Mark Tall Kitchen Bags are a perfect example of how we are developing the best products for our members.

For our kitchen bags we’ve added Power Flex Technology and in the video below you will see the technology at work holding 200 tennis balls! The Member’s Mark bag also has a 5-inch hem at the top rather than the industry standard of 2 ½ inches, which makes pulling it out of the can easier and with less chance of a disaster. Lastly, we updated the drawstring so it expands and holds more weight than ever.

Check out our two-minute video as we show you the new flex, hem and drawstring upgrades:

As we were engineering this new bag, we traveled to the manufacturing plant multiple times and worked with the quality team to ensure the desired performance. In addition to standardized testing, we developed additional testing to truly push the limits. All with the goal of consistent performance on every bag sold at Sam’s Club.

I hope I’ve given you insight on the fun of re-engineering kitchen bags and how high-tech bags can make trash day a little less yucky!

- Tom