As the lead over the southeast region for Sam’s Club I can certainly say our associates have been busy and continue to impress me every day. The photo above is of our team in Mayaguez and I’m the guy in the navy blue shirt in the front.

But this post isn’t about me. Since I’m hearing incredible stories of heroic efforts by our associates and members, I wanted to take a moment to share and celebrate their efforts and introduce you to just a few of the people with a Sam’s Club badge that are making a difference in Puerto Rico.

First, let’s meet people greeter, Marine and an all around good guy, Wilfredo Medina. After Hurricane Maria made landfall he was without his car, so he laced up his sneakers and walked to work, all seven miles! What I love most was his reaction when we asked him about it, he noted “This goes beyond my deep commitment with the company, this is a commitment to my country”. I love that. Thank you Wilfredo for all you do!

Next, I would like to introduce you to Chrystian Martinez and Kelvin Tamallo. Chrystian is a 16 year associate and serves as the General Merchandise Manager and Kelvin serves our members as a cashier and has been with Sam’s Club for six months.

Photo: Chrystian

Photo: Kelvin

Several hours after Hurricane Maria made landfall, Chrystian and Kelvin heard a neighbor screaming that a powerful rush of water was coming their way and that they were going to drown if they didn’t reach higher ground soon. Both of them immediately moved their family to the second floor and then went from home to home to help their neighbors, many elderly, move to higher ground for safety. Chrystian and Kelvin helped keep 33 people and 10 pets safe from flood waters. I’m so appreciative to have the opportunity to work with associates that have the courage to put others before themselves and hope they know how proud I am of their bravery.

Finally, I’d like you to meet the club manager of our Sam’s Club in Mayagüez, Juan Bonilla. After the hurricane we were left without an electrical system and running water. Our managers were all looking at opportunities to give a little hope to their associates by solving a big problem: How to wash clothes without water and electricity? The solution: Juan placed washers and dryers in the back of the club and established a schedule for associates to do laundry at no cost. Bravo, Juan Carlos, we are very proud to have you on our team.

Photo: Right to left: Juan Bonilla and Luis Blasquez

Our work in Puerto Rico is just getting started. I am confident that our belief in each other will help us overcome what is in front of us today and I look forward to seeing how our associates and communities continue to band together to find ways to regain normalcy. No issues will be too big since we are working together.

Thank you to all of the associates for the hard work and dedication you have to your communities and thank you to our friends and family in Puerto Rico. We are truly happy to help!

- Steve Schrobilgen

For more information on the response from Sam’s Club to Hurricane Maria, click here.

Sam’s Club Carolina after reopening post storm