Ready for a Road Trip?

March 19, 2018

Ready for a Road Trip?

By Sam's Club Staff
March 19, 2018
Snacks with Checks

Spring means plenty of road trips with friends and family, but what are some of the best snacks to pack? Clint, our Vice President of candy, snacks and beverages at Sam’s Club has you covered with a list of “road trip go tos.”

You’ve packed your bags. Your gas tank is full. You’ve made the perfect road trip playlist. Now you have to find the best snacks to pack. Thankfully, Sam’s Club is a one-stop-shop. Here are the six items you need: *Pricing and item availability may vary by Club location*

#1 – Member’s Mark Purified Water

It makes sense, right?! You need to stay hydrated. Sam’s Club members can get 45 half liter bottles for less than $5. Yes, please! Write it down.

#2 – Capri Sun Variety Pack

Looking for something a little sweeter than water? Capri Sun should do the trick. Sun is even in the name, so it really is the perfect Spring Break beverage, and it's less than $7.

#3 – Member’s Mark Triple Berry Nut Trail Mix

Here’s a healthy option! Our wholesome trail mix contains three delicious types of dried berries. It also has chocolate. If you still aren’t convinced, it has three grams of protein per serving, and it's only $12.98. You’re welcome.

#4 – Member’s Mark Organic Fruity Snacks

This is a healthy, portable option for kids and adults! This organic snack comes in tiny snack-sized pouches, so it’s the perfect go-to to toss in a bag or the backseat. 60 packs for $11.98 - it’s a no brainer!

#5 – Cheez It Duoz

You get not one, not two but four Cheez It flavors with this item. Some packs are Sharp Cheddar and Parmesan, and the others are Bacon and Cheddar. And get this, it’s an EXCLUSIVE Sam’s Club Flavor variety for just $10.98!

#6 – Peanut M&M’S

Have you ever met a person who didn’t like M&M’S?! You could even toss a handful of peanut M&M’S into the Member’s Mark Triple Berry Nut Trail Mix or the Member’s Mark Organic Fruity Snacks to switch it up for less than 11 bucks!

Now who’s ready to hit the road?! Make sure you swing by Sam’s Club first! Just use Club Pickup, our Scan & Go app or ship most items directly to your doorstep for FREE if you’re a Plus member. Happy trails!