Nine Things You Need This Summer to Play Like an Adult

May 14, 2018

Sam’s Club is known for doing things BIG, but it’s not always about bulk. Sure you may need 12,375 sheets of bath tissue for all of the company you will have over this summer, but what you really need in order to have a BIG summer are these insanely large items.

Here are nine ways to have your biggest, best summer ever and save money while doing it!

1. Skip the Airbnb and just buy a Seaside Cottage. It’s less than $300 to pick up in club and it’s a kid’s dream home. It comes with a pair of double-sided chalkboards and full play kitchen with accessories.

2. We’re sure you remember this summer favorite with a major upgrade that allows kids to slide and slide and slide (you get the point). At 25’ x 6’, the Super Slide Giant is a backyard lawn slide with sprinkler system and customized connection system, so you can put multiple slides together… text the neighbors immediately – you may need their yard. Bonus: each super slide comes with two sleds.

3. We’re bringing the water park to your backyard. For less than $350, you and the kids will be grinning all summer. Our Twin Peaks Splash and Slide has two curved water slides, two easy-to-use water cannons and an electric blower included for easy product setup. It’s made from puncture-resistant fabric so you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone bursting your bubble (or slides).

4. The Inflatable Gladiator Jousting set will take you back to Saturdays spent watching American Gladiator. For less than $25, you can joust your way through the summer!

5. Our 40’’ Round Nest Swing is the perfect place to let your imagination wander. Whether you prefer to sit or stand, this delightfully fun tree swing can support up to 600 pounds on a resilient nest of hand-braided spider webbing. No assembling required, ready to be hung. Up and away!

6. and 7. The 6-foot beach ball and 5-foot Summer Waves Giant Ring toss are SERIOUSLY big fun at just 20 bucks, need we say more?

8. Get ready for giggles! These two inflatable bumper balls come with adjustable shoulder straps and foam padded handles for safe fun and a quick-release valve for easy inflation and deflation, everyone will want to take a run (and bump) at it! Less than $40 for two and you are ready to go.

9. We bet this pool will help you steal away some fun this summer. The pirate pool is less than $50, and no one will be marooned with this fun water spray!

Happy Summering!