Make Your Fall Mum-umental This Year!

Senior Nursery and Gardening Buyer
September 4, 2018

Make Your Fall Mum-umental This Year!

By Jordan Nuckolls
Senior Nursery and Gardening Buyer
September 04, 2018
Close up Mums

Mum’s the word may be a popular saying – but there’s no keeping quiet when it comes to Sam’s Club’s incredible mums! Whether you're decorating or just trying to keep your garden and planters popping with blooms during the transition from summer to fall, these go-to perennials never cease to amaze.

And with our stunning selection of mums – including the hugely popular tri-color variety, yellow, purple and more as well as solids – available for under $17, Sam’s Club is ready to help you plant some serious wow factor.

Each year, I travel as far as Holland and Germany to source the most beautiful flowers. And the thrill I feel while doing so is something I try to pass on to our members. For instance, Sam’s Club mums come “ready set,” meaning there’s no waiting for them to bloom! You just plant, enjoy and watch them grow – usually around two to three feet wide!

We know our members love these tri-color mums, and even if you don't necessarily have a green thumb, I’ve got you covered. They also come in a 14” planter that can be set out as is or placed in a ceramic planter without having to transplant. In fact, the following are my top 5 tips for incorporating – and beautifully maintaining – mums at your home this fall:

  • The best time to plant fall mums is right when you buy them. Early planting (even in early September) helps them develop a strong root system before the cold temps arrive.
  • If you’re planning to keep your potted mums inside, make sure they’re close to a window that receives bright, indirect sunlight all day.
  • If leaving your mums outdoors, place them where they can receive at least six hours of sunlight and some shade.
  • Water potted mums when the top inch of soil feels dry. Water the soil surface until moisture begins to drain from the bottom of the pot.
  • Cut off flowers after they wilt. This encourages more blooms and keeps the plants looking neat and clean.

Why leave all the joy and excitement of colorful blooms to the spring and summer months? Let us help you make a statement in what may arguably be the most beautiful season of all – fall.