Truck Driver for Sam’s Club Hits 4 Million Consecutive Safe Miles

September 11, 2018

Truck Driver for Sam’s Club Hits 4 Million Consecutive Safe Miles

By Sam's Club Staff
September 13, 2018
Warren Truck Driver with Greg

September 9-15 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! We couldn’t do what we do at Sam’s Club without drivers like Warren Crane.

“The way I did it is one mile, one day at a time.”

Warren Crane has been driving and delivering freight for Walmart and Sam’s Club for 28 years.

“When I lived on the farm back in the 60s growing up, you had to drive a big truck. Then first thing you knew it, you’re driving a log truck, dump truck and then next thing you know, you’re driving a tractor trailer. It’s just something I had a passion for because my dad had a passion for driving,” said Crane.

This year, he hit a milestone only four drivers in the history of our Private Fleet have achieved. 4 MILLION consecutive safe miles. That means not a single accident.

Warren Crane with Bryan Most, VP of Private Fleet.

“I’ve always been committed to safety and I’ve always driven that truck with a notion that Mr. Sam said. He always said, ‘When you see that man sitting in the driver’s seat of that Walmart truck, he’s the best of the best.’ And I’ve always kept that in my mind,” said Crane.

Once Crane hit 4 million miles, he got to customize his ride. He’s a Georgia Bulldogs fan, so he picked red for the color. He added a silver stripe down the side, his last name on the hood, and he’ll get to drive it for the rest of his career.

“I hope to stay with the company another 10 to 12 years. I’d like to get 5 million miles in.”

Remember, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 9-15, so be sure to thank our awesome drivers!

Fun fact: Crane recently got to represent our company and ring the closing bell at NASDAQ in New York City!