Smiles and Stickers from the Famous Mr. Billie

September 17, 2018

Smiles and Stickers from the Famous Mr. Billie

By Sam's Club Staff
September 18, 2018
Mr. Billie 1

He's the talk of the town. Members love calling him “Mr. Billie,” and he’ll sing his way into your heart. He also knows all about Facebook – since that’s where he recently gained fame.

“Mr. Billie’s been with the company for about 26 years. We had the opportunity to bring him over here and it’s been wonderful having him in the building ever since,” said Will Mertig, Club Manager at #4808 in Springdale, Arkansas.

Billie Adkins worked at a Walmart just up the road for more than 25 years. He just turned 87, is now a member greeter at Club 4808 and is quite the local celebrity.

“Meeting people, laughing and joking with everybody and getting to brag about my life history," said Adkins when asked about his favorite parts about the job.

“Someone tagged Mr. Billie in a local Facebook page, Live Springdale, and overnight literally there was 1,700 likes and 500 comments because he now had his new home at Sam’s Club. Some of those comments even went as far as saying, ‘Now we’re going to get a Sam’s Club membership just because Mr. Billie’s there!’” said Mertig.

“If you make them feel at home, they’ll come back. Treat everybody as a friend and like they’re needed or wanted, not like it’s a chore for you to be helping them,” said Adkins.

“It’s really cool seeing how someone being friendly and smiling and doing something as simple as giving out a sticker can really make an impact. They truly love Mr. Billie like he’s a member of their family and they come in just to see him,” said Mertig.