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Sam’s Club Unlocks Prescription Drug Prices for Patients

Managed Care Executive Director, Sam’s Club Health & Wellness
October 19, 2018 12:00 PM

Transparency and trust are just two of many reasons to visit a Sam’s Club Pharmacy

There are many reasons why I love working at Sam’s Club, but the biggest one points back to two titles that I have; mom and pharmacist. As a mom of four incredible kids and a trained pharmacist I know that taking care of others should always be a top priority. At Sam’s Club I’m lucky enough to work with leaders and pharmacists that constantly strive to do just that. Over my years, with both of those titles, I’ve learned the importance of how listening, not just hearing, can help you to truly help others find solutions.

Listening to our Sam’s Club patients helps us better understand their needs and ease their pain points in more ways than one. Lately our Members have been telling us how difficult it is to find the true cost of healthcare- particularly to know if they are getting the best prices on their medications. Our team knows that family budgets are limited, and prescription costs can be vastly different by pharmacy even in the same city. We set out to show our members where they could save on their prescriptions and to create transparency with prescription pricing. That’s why we’ve connected with America’s PharmacyTM to launch a new prescription price search tool at www.americaspharmacy.com/samsclub.

By using this link both Members and non-Members can discover savings at 62,000 pharmacies Nationwide (this is not insurance). With this program patients hold the power to get discounted pricing on prescription drugs from participating pharmacies and see pricing from participating pharmacies including Sam’s Club. Viewers can also see the Plus Member pricing available at Sam’s Club and even enroll by clicking through the site.

Although patients can’t fill a prescription through the site, it’s a fantastic way for transparency to occur and to save our friends and family time and money tracking down the right pharmacy for them to use when filling a prescription.

The site is FREE and easy to use:
1. Type in your prescription medication
2. Enter your zip code

3. View the options to fill within 25 miles of the zip code that are within the network

This service also provides additional information about the medicine and how it’s used and will also show generic prices and indicate generics as you browse.

Lastly, if you didn’t know already, Sam’s Club Plus members receive even more savings in our pharmacy, but don’t worry, you can join the club as a Plus member through this site too.

I must admit I’m proud of many of the projects and support efforts that I’ve had the opportunity to work on throughout the years, but this may be towards the top of my list of favorites. Making prescription pricing a little less foggy is one great way for us to serve our patients and we will continue to look for additional ways to serve our community. Want to learn more? Visit https://www.americaspharmacy.com/samsclub.

- Sherri