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Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Building a Better Sam's Club, Together

Our company has long embraced diversity and inclusion, and those principles are at the cornerstone of our business. We are a better, more resilient company together, and we’re stronger when people are included, heard and empowered. As we continue to make progress, we encourage an ongoing and open dialogue—one between our associates, members, suppliers and communities around the world—so that we can reach the best of what we can be.

By fostering a workplace culture where everyone is included, everyone wins. Associates are happier, perform at their best and, in turn, provide better service to our customers and members.

Our Reports
Our Reports

Our Reports

Learn more about our efforts to foster inclusion and belonging within our walls and society in our most recent reports:

Note: CDEI=Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Associates

Our Associates

We want to see our associates thrive and grow in their careers. So we continue to invest in them – particularly around higher wages, training, and education, like the Live Better U (LBU) and Sam’s Field U programs. Approximately 1.5 million part-time and full-time Walmart and Sam’s Club associates in the U.S. can earn college degrees or learn trade skills without the burden of student loans.

In addition, Sam’s Field U is a single-entry point for all Sam’s Club frontline associate training. Sam’s Field U offers three programs:

  • Manager Quality – Provides all field and supply chain associates, from hourly to management with training on how to identify, develop, attract, and reward talent.
  • Manager in Training –Prepares high-potential Team Leads for a future in management through training in membership, merchandising, fresh and specialty. 4,000 College Credits have been earned in the flow of work.
  • Career Futuring Platform – A digital experience that provides all associates with essential knowledge and tools to pave their future at Sam’s Club by focusing on career exploration through reflection of career values and preferences, associate career sketches, future ways of working, and life-long learning.
Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Shared Value Networks (SVNs)

To drive change inside and outside our company, we announced in June 2020 that Walmart and Sam’s Club would develop strategies and invest resources to increase fairness, equity and justice with specific attention on America’s criminal justice systems, education, financial and health. These four areas represent our Shared Value Networks.

Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity

In June 2020, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed $100 million over five years to create the new Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity to address systemic racism in society head-on and complement the work of our Shared Value Networks. The center supports philanthropic initiatives focused on eradicating systemic disparities and advancing equity in the U.S. criminal justice, education, health and finance systems.

At Sam's Club, we're also committed to our Sam's Club 7.

Our Focus

Our Focus

Our goal is to make Sam’s Club the most inclusive and equitable organization it can be. In addition to the enterprise’s Shared Value Network workstreams, in 2020 the Sam’s Club team evaluated the CDEI priorities at Sam’s by analyzing data and speaking to associates. We identified and developed seven areas of focus, called our Sam’s Club 7, outlined below. Each initiative is led by a Sam’s Club executive and team dedicated to developing and executing concrete plans in their area.

  1. Awareness: Create awareness of DEI by continuing targeted DEI education that drives awareness for all associates.
  2. Hiring Behaviors: Continue to improve our hiring to attract and hire a more diverse workforce.
  3. Talent Sourcing: Develop and execute a sustainable diversity recruiting strategy.
  4. Feedback: Enabling employee feedback so associates know where they stand.
  5. Formal Development: Continue to develop and expand formal development programs to prepare associates for the next level in their career.
  6. Mentorship/Sponsorship: Enable associate career growth in the company through focused networks.
  7. Measurement & Accountability: Measure results and drive accountability.
Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers


At Sam's Club and Walmart, we believe we’re at our best when we promote diversity and inclusion across our global supply chain. For our suppliers, working with us means access to the 220 million customers and members who visit our stores, clubs and shop online around the world each week.

News & Stories

News & Stories

Learn more about what we’re doing to make Walmart and Sam’s Club more diverse and inclusive for our associates, suppliers, communities and members.