Sam’s Club Assistant Manager Goes Back to School with Live Better U to Better Herself and Lead Her Team

Jane Hopkins 2

Jane Hopkins, an Assistant Manager at Club 6246 in El Paso, Texas, is no stranger to kicking butt and taking names. For Jane, serious time management is just a way of life, and has been for a long time.

She started her family young and went straight to work after high school. When the opportunity to further her education through Sam’s Club’s Live Better U program came up, she jumped on it.

“I’m just going to jump right in and do it,” Jane recalled about enrolling. “I have been out of school for 30 years.…I was glad that I took the leap.”

She started by completing her College Start courses to get prepared for the format of online learning, and then decided to pursue a certificate in People & Business Leadership, from Bellevue University. “The things that I learn are going to make me better, which is going to go right down to my associates. I'm going to be able to be a better manager for them. That was my motivation, I want it to be better for them.”

Since the Live Better U program began in 2018, it has grown into one of the largest employer-based educational benefits programs in the United States, offering associates $1 a day college degrees and free high school completion programs. With its unique focus on supporting working adult learners like Jane, it meets associates where they are on their educational journey and enables the pursuit of higher education without incurring life-long student debt.

This company is so focused on developing their people—really bringing things out of people that they might not have thought they have. I had a lot of great leaders over the years to mentor me and give me direction. It's all about you and where you want to go. As long as you're willing to learn, they're willing to take you!
Jane Hopkins, Assistant Manager, Club 6246

Sam’s Club is dedicated to expanding the Live Better U program. In 2020, they announced exciting new programs and Day 1 eligibility. The new programs include in-demand health and wellness degrees, 6 skilled trades diplomas, 19 digital transformation certificates and the People & Business Leadership certificate, which Sam’s Club is proud to announce, Jane is now a graduate of.

“It's just an overall great benefit. Everybody benefits from education. It doesn't matter how old you are. I was 48 years old when I started,” Jane says, overcoming the initial butterflies in her stomach. “I was really nervous at first, but I’m glad that I did what I did.”

We are glad too, Jane. A huge congratulations to you and all of the recent Live Better U graduates. To learn more about Live Better U and how you can go back to school for just $1 a day, Sam’s Club/Walmart associates can visit