Sam’s Club Associates Share What Hispanic Heritage Month Means to Them

As we wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month, we caught up with some of our LatinX associates to learn more about their culture and traditions.

  • Carmen Kingston
    VP, Northeast Region
    “My three children are bilingual, and I raised them to be proud of our heritage. Being Mexican is a source of pride and a reminder of all the challenges that it took to get here.”
  • Milagros Melendez
    Senior Buyer
    Birthplace: Puerto Rico

    “Sometimes people see me and say, ‘You don’t look Puerto Rican.’ My answer is, ‘We are many colors, and we are many things – African, Indian, Spanish.’”
  • Hilda Basora
    Birthplace: Puerto Rico
    “In Hispanic culture, everyone is welcome. If you visit any store in Puerto Rico, they will treat you like family.”
  • Stacy Dheming
    Member Acquisition Manager
    Birthplace: El Salvador
    “Hispanics work really hard for the things that we want. It’s why I had the determination to come to the U.S. by myself and accomplish all that I have.”
  • Stephanie Angulo
    Marketing Project Coordinator
    Birthplace: Bolivia
    “Our community is a melting pot that represents different cultures and dialogues. South and central American, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean – it’s important to celebrate us all.”