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Dionne Adams Paves her own Path to Live her Passion

Nov. 16, 2020

He-Man had to summon his power from Castle Grayskull and a magical sword. But Dionne Adams’s power comes from within. And that’s why she’s been able to pave her own path as a leader, a mother, a military spouse, a mentor and a retired military veteran in the Air Force and Reserves.

“Don’t let others define your limits,” she said. “You hold the power!”

Dionne started with Sam’s Club as a member, shopping with two of her greatest role models, her grandmothers, who were small business owners. Dionne is now the Market Manager of Market 38 in the Northeast, but throughout her career, she recalled the strength of her grandmothers as she pursued her own goals, which started with 21 combined years of service in the Air Force and Reserves.

“I joined the Air Force for the adventure,” she said. “I wanted to serve my country, travel internationally, learn a job skill and get help to pay for college. I achieved all that and more.”

There’s more to Dionne’s path because even while serving her country, she also wanted to serve customers. She got her start with Walmart as a part-time sales associate while juggling a few other trades. Eventually, Dionne earned her MBA and took a job in the banking industry. But after being called back to active duty after 9/11, she realized she wanted to be part of a company who supported veterans. So, her search for a job led her back to Sam’s Club, the company she loved as a little girl, shopping with her grandmothers.

Since joining Sam’s Club as a Manager in Training in 2002, Dionne has served in a wide variety of roles, including Membership Assistant, Market Sales Manager, Market Human Resources Manager, Club Manager, Director of Field Operations in the Home Office for the East Division and Market Manager. Dionne understands how different experiences can pave your own path to help you follow your passion.

“I loved having to opportunity to work at the Sam’s Club Home Office. I had a chance to be creative and engage with the conception of things to come,” she said. “My passion is working in the field with our associates directly. Helping them to execute and deliver on what the Home Office has created and envisioned. I also understand that our input helps ensure the overall success of a concept. It takes both the Home Office and the field working together to win!”

And winning together is something Dionne believes is so special at Sam’s Club because of the opportunities available.

The most exciting thing about our company is the advancement potential.
Dionne Adams

“I want to make sure that all associates know they can achieve incredible opportunities within our company. It really does require hard work and a commitment to others. The only limits to my growth have been self-imposed.” And that, she said, is where her own fight song for women begins.

“Women must multitask, juggling family, work and social obligations,” Dionne said. The key to thriving as a woman in the business world, she says, is to remain focused and driven — and to ease up on yourself. “We are often our own worst critics. Do the work, win and keep moving. Lean into your strengths and work on your opportunities.”

Dionne is humble, but hopes other associates, particularly women, can take what she’s learned and apply it to their futures. “If I can inspire just one female associate, that’s awesome,” she said, adding some advice to current and future Sam’s Club associates. “Work at the level you are capable of performing at. Go beyond your current title and always give your best. Be open and engage. Your thoughts and insights matter to the team.”

Now that you know Dionne’s path, it’s pretty clear… He-Man’s got nothing on Dionne!