This Former Intern and HBCU Grad Turned Full-Time Sam's Club Associate is No Stranger to Adversity

Lindsey Williams

Feb. 11, 2021

Thank you for being a friend. Those simple words from the theme song of one of her favorite shows sum up her motivation and drive to be better for her family and others.

“My motivation every day is to take what I learned from the past, whether it was good or bad,” said Lindsey Williams, adding she never wants to stop improving on herself so she can be a friend to others.

Lindsey was a part of Sam’s Club’s internship program over the summer and was hired full-time on the Sam’s Club Membership team, focusing on member acquisitions. She is a talented three-sport athlete and even got a scholarship to play basketball for a Division II school, eventually leading to a bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and minor in Bible. She graduated in three years and then decided to go to Southern University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), for her advanced degree. That’s where she learned about Sam’s Club’s internship program and focus on recruiting from HBCUs.

Sam’s Club had 61 interns last summer and 15 from HBCUs. Out of those 15, 12 accepted full-time offers with Sam’s Club, including Lindsey.

They (Sam’s Club) took a chance on us students who were fresh out of college of finishing up their degrees. In truth, a lot of us were depending on this internship due to us graduating and entering the job market. I could not be more grateful for everything they did for us this past summer.
Lindsey Williams, Marketing Manager, Membership Acquisition

That’s today… but for Lindsey, these opportunities didn’t necessarily come easy. She and her family have traveled down a road and back again.

“We are extremely proud of Lindsey,” said Lindsey’s mom, Kathryn Valentine. “She has faced so many obstacles, that many would have just given up. Some of those obstacles were life changing. Like anyone, obstacles have slowed her down, but not kept her down. Her ability to always remain focused, and seeing the "big picture" has kept Lindsey on course. As a family, we always thought of her as an "ole soul,” meaning, she has fought the good fight, and learned.”

Lindsey grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with her brother, her mom and her father. Education was always a priority for the family, and there were big plans. But then, Lindsey’s father passed away when she was six years old. Her mother knew she had to fight. “There were many struggles that I have overcome, such as being a single parent of two,” Kathryn said. “I held two jobs while attending and supporting sporting events, Girl/Boy Scouts, education programs, etc. I wanted my children to know that I was there, while ensuring all their needs were met. My drive was to ensure my children had every opportunity to succeed.”

Lindsey Williams and her family

And it’s that drive Lindsey saw from her mother that has made her work that much harder for every opportunity in front of her. “Seeing my mom work so hard to get where she is today – her determination to support her family and friends inspires me,” Lindsey said. “There was nothing that she could not make possible. She puts herself on the line to support who she loves, and I want to repay her by making her proud.”

That’s why Lindsey is all in. “My passion is to give as many people as possible the same type of opportunities that I was awarded” she said.

Seizing every opportunity you can while being there for others is key. And she gets it – her heart is true, she’s a pal and a confidant. Lindsey… you’re golden, girl!