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Helping our Communities by Fighting Hunger to Spark Change

Fight Hunger Spark Change

April 29, 2022

Access to adequate and nutritious food plays a big role on the well-being of our communities. Which is why Walmart and Sam’s Club have made it a mission to support local Feeding America® food banks through volunteerism as well as food donations and engaging customers and members through programs like Fight Hunger. Spark Change.

Fight Hunger Spark Change Hero

A message from local food banks on Fight Hunger. Spark Change.

Our Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign involves others in our fight against food insecurity. Every Sam’s Club and Walmart store is matched to a local Feeding America® member food bank and all register and online donations as well as member/customer purchases of participating items are tied to that local food bank.

To date, the campaign has provided 1.5 billion meals* to Feeding America’s network of local food banks.

Check out our FHSC participating items as well as the link to donate here to our 2022 campaign running from April 18-May 15.

*Currently, $1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America®️ on behalf of local member food banks.