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Nov. 16, 2020 He-Man had to summon his power from Castle Grayskull and a magical sword. But Dionne Adams’s power comes from within. And that’s why she’s been able to pave her own path as a leader, a mother, a military spouse, a mentor and a retired military veteran in the Air Force and Reserves.“Don’t let others define your limits,” she said. “You…
In honor of Veterans Day, we are proud to highlight six of our superstar associates with military backgrounds who continue to serve their communities every day. In 2013, Walmart pledged to hire 250,000 new veteran associates by 2020, establishing the veterans Welcome Home Commitment (VWHC). Earlier this year, the company surpassed…
As we wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month, we caught up with some of our LatinX associates to learn more about their culture and traditions.
Jane Hopkins, an Assistant Manager at Club 6246 in El Paso, Texas, is no stranger to kicking butt and taking names. For Jane, serious time management is just a way of life, and has been for a long time.
An unpredictable summer turns into a virtual reality.
Pride Month is a time to reflect on the struggle the LGBTQ community has endured but also to celebrate progress (as recently as last week’s pivotal Supreme Court decision) that’s been made, and, for so many in the LGBTQ community, embrace the freedom to be themselves.Sara Dicks, Club Manager in Buford, GeorgiaSo, we caught up with Sara Dicks, a…
Walmart to provide Live Better U education programs to all part-time and full-time associates on their first day of employment due to LBU’s results in driving retention and promotions.
Growing up in foster care, this Sam’s Club associate looks to inspire others through $1 a day college degree program Live Better U