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Could homegating be better than tailgating??
Fourth of July festivities will undoubtedly be very different for most Americans this year. But just because you’re missing out on a dollop of Aunt Gertrude’s famous coleslaw, or unable to wear that questionable island print shirt to the neighborhood block party (it’s not slimming, sir), doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate all things U-S-A with a…
Mother’s Day is May 10: IGI certified and high-end quality. Because if anyone deserves something sparkly, it’s her.
What comes to mind when you think about the word “treasure?” Gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls? We think of our three jewelry merchants. Why? Their knowledge of the industry, ability to identify trends and negotiate great prices on behalf of our members make them our treasured trio.
We spoke with Kirsten Meier, Senior Merchant – Pet Supplies, about all the buzz her Pet Advent Calendar received and what ways our members can “treat” their pet this holiday season.
Hi, I’m Stephanie, merchant for jewelry, so yes, I have the best job in the company! In case you didn’t know, Sam’s Club is the perfect place to find something special when shopping for…