The Treasured Trio

Published on January 20, 2020 and last updated on February 04, 2020

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January 20, 2020

What comes to mind when you think about the word “treasure?”

Gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls?

We think of our three jewelry merchants. Why? Their knowledge of the industry, ability to identify trends and negotiate great prices on behalf of our members make them our treasured trio.

  • Kara Deleon
    Kara Deleon
  • Rebekah Howe
    Rebekah Howe
  • Candy Robinson
    Candy Robinson

We spoke with our jewelry merchants, Kara Deleon, Candy Robinson and Rebekah Howe, about their three favorite jewelry they’ve purchased for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what they had to say:

Question: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Kara, what have you been excited to get into members’ hands?

Answer: I’ve worked with suppliers to bring classic diamond staples to our members that they would want to wear everyday at a price that will shock them.

Question: When you say staples what do you mean?

Answer: Just like a black dress, a trench coat and a nice pair of jeans, there are certain jewelry staples that should be included in your jewelry box. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • A signature necklace. This is one that can be worn daily and represents something special to the wearer. One example of this is our diamond cross necklace. The IGI appraisal value is $340. At Sam’s Club it is less than $200.
  • Hoops that sparkle. Our Inside Out Diamond Hoops are nearly 2 carats of 44 diamonds in total and are mounted in 14k gold. Comes with an IGI appraisal of $2870. Diamonds are set on the front and the interior of the back of the hoop for extra shine for $1,888!
  • A diamond Ring. Whether it’s for popping the question or showing some self-love, nothing beats a diamond ring, for the right or left hand. This classic diamond solitaire is just under one carat appraises for $4,555 and can be purchased at Sam’s Club for $3,324.
  • Jewelry buyer holding a diamond ring
    Kara Deleon holding a diamond solitaire ring

Question: What’s a big trend that you see in the marketplace and on the streets that you’ve accounted for when selecting items for members to give/receive this Valentine’s day?

Answer: (Rebecca took this one) Stacking is HUGE! Necklaces, rings, bracelets, the more the merrier. Layering new and old, bold and delicate, classic and trendy. Have no fear. My favorite pieces for Valentine’s Day are these beauties.

  • Our Rolo Link Bracelet is less than $300 and crafted in 14K Yellow Gold. The bracelet is 8 inches long and is a light, classic addition to your jewelry collection. Perfect to layer with other metals, cuffs and bangles.
  • Horseshoe Bracelet is very on trend and crafted with Italian sterling silver. It includes 72 pave diamonds and is IGI certified. It’s a huge look that includes ultra-chic popcorn mesh. Perfect to layer with smaller bracelets as a stacking anchor.
  • Nothing celebrates Valentine’s Day more than our sterling silver and diamond Love necklace and its less than $100 so the gift giver will love the price!
  • Jewelry buyer wearing bracelets
    Stacking is HUGE!
    Layering new and old, bold and delicate, classic and trendy.

Question: What are some special items that members will find that they may not be looking for specifically?

Answer: (Candy jumped in to respond) We’ve been very deliberate to curate an assortment of items that we know our members will love. We do this by collaborating with suppliers to create special pieces that our members may not have been looking for initially, but fall in love with at first sight.

  • Colored stones are a big deal right now and the bigger the stone the better. This 12-carat checkerboard-cut Prasiolite set in 14k yellow gold is reminiscent of an heirloom piece. Ask Kara, she just bought one! This ring is less than $300 and is quite the eye catcher.
  • I’m also thrilled to bring our members these 5x50 mm 14k gold hoop earrings for only $319. These are big hoops with quality gold, so our members can let go of the fake ones in their jewelry box!
  • Lastly I love our 14k Yellow Gold Bypass Bangle. This is special because it’s not your typical bangle, but remains classic with its modern design. The hinged closure makes it easy to take on and off. This item is also a great layering piece like Rebekah mentioned earlier. We’ve already had a handful of members review this product online, all giving five out of five stars!
  • Jewelry buyer holding a bangle
    Candy Robinson holding the Bypass Bangle

Question: Last question: Yellow, Rose or White gold?

Answer: (In unison they all answered ) "ALL!"