The Why Behind the Buy Member's Mark Cozy Throw

Published on October 02, 2020 and last updated on October 06, 2020

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October 02, 2020

We spoke with Bruce McKee, Senior Merchant in Home, about a member favorite that’s been around for nearly a decade: the Member’s Mark Cozy Throw

Question: Did you help develop the first ever Member’s Mark Cozy Throw?

Answer: Yes, we began developing and selling what is now known as the Member’s Mark Cozy Throw about 10 years ago. Over the years this product evolved and has now been manufactured by a woman owned business for six years. Quality should be synonymous with Member’s Mark so each of our blankets is between 230 and 350 gsm (grams square meter), depending on design, which in everyday terms means it's heavier than many blankets in the marketplace. We also stay on trend by adding new designs and using jacquard weaves rather than just printing it onto the material. Lastly, we know that the snuggle factor is key so each Cozy Throw is 5ft x 6ft!

Question: How many designs do you typically offer each year?

Answer: We offer 20 designs in our clubs and have four online exclusive designs.

Question: What do you expect to be the favorite design this year?

Answer: I’ll give you some insider info! We have four times throughout the year when new designs hit the clubs and online. The first two “waves” as we call it, have already been in club.

Here are the current design options. The next round of designs is coming later in Oct.

Question: How much will one of these set me back?

Answer: When we first started selling them, they were $16.98, then last year we moved it to $14.98 and now we’re at $12.98 every day!

Question: You mentioned this is a member favorite, so I imagine we sell a lot of these?

Answer: A lot is an understatement! It’s one of our top selling items from our home team and this year we expect to sell more Member’s Mark Cozy throws than there are people living in Manhattan. In fact, each year we typically sell enough Cozy Throws that if you were to lay them side by side, they would be just shy of reaching from New York to LA. It’s great to hear that all the effort we put into development pays off for the members. The throws have a 4.8 star rating with +1900 reviews. Some of my favorite comments highlight how well it holds up after washing, how they buy these throws for gifts and that their spouse or kiddo keeps taking it, so they needed to come get another one!

Question: What’s the most that one member has ever purchased?

Answer: The throw has quite the cult following by members who anxiously await the new assortment each Fall. In fact, in 2019, over 150,000 units were ordered and shipped over the Thanksgiving weekend. Last year we had a mom purchase 14 of them at once as teacher gifts. *Hint* Hint* for all you moms out there.

Question: How many do you own?

Answer: Over the years I’ve developed quite the collection and between me, my wife and my daughter….we have 27!