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Small Business

At Sam’s Club, we are committed to helping small business owners not only run their business but grow their business.

Small Business

Sam’s Club proudly serves more than 600,000 small business owners on a weekly basis. We believe small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. When small businesses succeed, economic growth and job creation follow.

Our commitment to the small business owner extends beyond the quality products and innovative services we offer, but also through our giving efforts and the Sam’s Club Road Show program which allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their products inside our clubs.

For example, the twin brothers pictured above own Burgess Brothers' Burgers (BBB) in Sacramento, California. In addition to running a successful restaurant, catering and food truck business, they also have active careers in public service. Matthew works in law enforcement and Jonathan works as a firefighter. Still they make time to set up shop at their local Sam’s Club on scheduled weekends to serve up and sell their tasty barbecue sauce!

Road Show Program

The Sam’s Club Road Show program offers many small business owners and entrepreneurs a chance to introduce their product to Sam’s Club members. It also provides us an opportunity to bring in a selection of new, high quality, unique and often local items that are outside the normal item assortment at your Sam's Club.

The consignment-based program allows entrepreneurs to set up and staff their own feature space inside a Sam’s Club and sell products to our members. The typical event is 11 days so if you see something you like featured in a Sam’s Club Road Show, you better get it while it lasts!

Gina Hollingsworth pictured above participates in Sam’s Club Road Shows near her home in Oklahoma. She started her gourmet fruit business Southern Okie almost by accident. While working as an assistant for a top music executive, she found a way to turn leftover fruit into tasty creations.

Our Road Show buying team is always looking for the next exciting, must-have item. To get your product in front of our team, all you have to do is talk to your local club manager who can put you in touch with the right person on our Road Show team.

Small Business Giving

When small businesses succeed, economic growth and job creation follow. Since 2011, Sam’s Club and the Sam’s Club Giving Program have invested more than $28 million in grants to help women, veteran and minority-owned businesses succeed through nonprofits dedicated to helping small business owners succeed.

Serving small business owners and entrepreneurs as members for more than 30 years, Sam’s Club launched the Small Business Economic Mobility Initiative in 2015 to respond to the national struggle for small business owners in low- to moderate-income communities to attain affordable loans and navigate the lending process. The philanthropic initiative provides a series of grants to national small business advocacy and non-profit organizations aimed at helping underserved business owners across the U.S.

Our goals include reaching one million small business owners with training and borrower education, enabling 5,000 micro and small business owners with the tools they need to obtain smart loan, unlocking $100 million in new capital and ultimately supporting 28,000 small business jobs across the U.S. by the end of 2019.

Southern Girl Desserts co-owners Catarah Coleman and Shoneji Robison pictured above were able to rise above a small business setback thanks to some help from a Sam’s Club Giving grantee. After taking out a quick loan without reading the fine print, they realized they were paying ridiculously expensive interest rates. That’s when they received some expert advice from a Sam’s Club Giving grantee. Opportunity Fund helped Southern Girl Desserts refinance its debt, which gave them cash flow and a better way to managing their business overall.